Green Campus Action Plan (GCAP): R'Garden Internships

  • The Green Campus Action Plan (GCAP) is a student initiated referendum passed in 2010 and renewed indefinitely in 2014.   It supports green initiatives on campus by funding student-led sustainability projects and by funding a team of year long internships working with the Office of Sustainability and the R'Garden.  If you'd like information on the internships feel free to contact us at .

R'Courses: Urban Garden Seminar

  • The Urban Garden Seminar is a student initiated seminar in which students create a syllabus and explore topics of sustainable and just food systems through a wide range of guest speakers as well as using the R'Garden as an experiential learning space to grow their own produce.  Student facilitators are able to get 4 units over the course of the year as they create, plan and facilitate the course.  The Urban Garden Seminar is then offered in the Spring quarter and students are able to enroll in the course for 1 unit.  This is made possible by the Office of Undergraduate Education and their R'Courses progam. 

Cultivate R'Space

  • Cultivate R’Space is a student collective facilitating educational spaces that allow for critical thinking and an intersectional analysis of our environment. By collaborating, the program connects to theory, service learning, and hands-on garden education in the Riverside Community. Check them out on highlanderlink

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